Thursday, July 11, 2013


Hey guys!
So, these last two weeks I was really busy. I had so many things to do, so I wasn't able to blog :( But now I'm back and that means new posts! :D So, yesterday I went to Disneyland Paris with school! I had so much fun and I really love it there. Here's a little vlog for you guys :) (watch in HD!)

We stayed around 10 hours in Disneyland and we (my friends and me) had a great time! First of all we went to the Pinocchio-ride-thingy, then we went to the Peter Pan-ride and after that we went to Space Mountain. I usually don't like rollercoasters, but when we were in Disney I thought that I couldn't miss this ride, so we went in it and it was really cool :) But after the ride I felt really dizzy.. hehe. We also went to Autopia! That was really funny ^^. After Autopia we were really tired and then we decided to just walk around the park and go shopping. It was an unforgettable time and I want to thank my friends for this awesome moment ^.^

Top, Zara // High Waisted Studded Shorts, Primark // Shoes, Converse // Backpack, Brandy Melville

Thanks for reading/watching ^^
Stay tuned for my next Roomspiration post!
It will be probably go up tomorrow night :)

Have a great day,
Elli <3


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