Friday, July 12, 2013


Hey guys,
I got a fun DIY for you guys! Today I will show you how to make a doughnut pillow/plushie/little beanbag for in your bedroom! It looks really cute and you can also make other variations of it :D

What you'll need:
- Brown fabric
- Pink fabric
- Different colors of felt or something like that (for sprinkles)
- Wool or something else to put in your doughnut (I used bubble paper lol)
- Scissors
- Needle and thread or a sewing machine
- Fabric glue or superglue
- Tape measure
- Pen

If you were wondering what size fabric this is, it's 1x2 meter. You can use whatever size you want. I bought the fabric at my local market. I payed in total 4 euros. I've got the other stuff already at home :) So this doughnut pillow cost me only 4 euros :D

Let's start!
1. Lay the brown fabric down on the floor and fold it together with the inside facing upwards.

2. Take your tape measure and measure the fabric. Then take your pen and draw a small point in the center.

3. Now start measuring from the point that you made in the center till around 35 centimeter (=70 diameter). You can make it as big as you want, but make sure you keep the same length each angle. Repeat the same process from each angle. 

4. Connect all the lines till you got a circle.

5. Repeat the same process around the center of your circle, but then in a smaller way. I used around 5 centimeters (10 diameter).

6. Then cut everything out!

7. Now you got two brown circles! Repeat the same process on the pink fabric. Make sure that you only use one sheet. So don't fold this.

8. So now you got your pink circle, it's time to take your pen and draw some random curves. Make sure you are drawing on the inside of the fabric.

9. Now it's time to make some sprinkles! Just cut them like small rectangles.

10. If you don't have superglue or fabric glue you should sew the sprinkles on the pink fabric now. If you do have the glue you can do this later. Now take your sewing machine or needle and thread and sew the pink fabric on the brown fabric. Make sure that the fabrics are faced the right way. Then sew the two brown fabric pieces together. Make sure that both inside parts of the fabric are facing outwards. Also sew the middle part, but don't sew everything. After this step we will put the bubble paper or wool inside the doughnut! (Thanks dad for helping me with this part :))

11. Fold the fabric outwards and start filling it in!

12. Now close the gap by sewing it very neatly.

13. Now add the sprinkles on it! If you are using superglue make sure that you are wearing gloves :)

14. And now you are done!!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this tutorial :)
Send me some pictures if you are going to make one!!

Have a wonderful day,

Elli <3


Here are some cute variations of this DIY:


  1. So incredibly cute! Loved them! :D

  2. Awww, so adorable!! Though I don't know how comfortable is bubble wrap to sit on, this is still super cute :))


    1. Thank you :D, well.. the bubble wrap is not super comfortable when you use it as a pillow, but it's good enough to just sit on it. I didn't had any other things to put in to the doughnut, otherwise I would put some wool in it.. but I was too lazy to buy it.. haha :)

  3. So cute! >.< But if I made that, I'd probably end up hungry 99% of the time lol ._.

  4. God! It'a amazing! I wish I could make things like this!

    1. Thank you :D just try it! It's not that difficult, it just takes some time :D

  5. It looks yummy and oh so cute! I like it! Great job! (=D)

  6. this is superrrr cute! i once make donut plushie too.. just in the smaller size hehe xD

    1. Thank you :D smaller ones will look really cute ^^

  7. omg cute diy ever!

  8. This is one the best DIY I've ever seen! :)
    I wish to make this too, but my sewing skills is.. below average so I'll spare myself lol. xD

    1. Thank you so much!! You can also ask someone else to do the sewing part.. my sewing skills are really bad haha.. I asked my dad for help :)

  9. Omg this is such a cute idea! Maybe I'll try it out as a gift for friends ^^

    Have a lovely weekend,

    1. Thank you^^!! That would be an awesome gift :D!!!

  10. This is so perfect idea, it looks so amazing & cute :3 I must try it! feelikeunicorn

  11. what an adorable doughnut pillow..

  12. so cute!!!!

  13. that pillow is adorable!

  14. OMG! That is soo cute <3


  15. your blog, this DIY, these pillows are cute! :)

  16. ooh wie geil ! :))

  17. omg it's so adorablely cute!! thanks for the inspiration, def try this <3


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