Friday, May 31, 2013


Hey guys!

New DIY yeah! I finally finished school, so that means that I will post more this month (hopefully)! Today I will show you how I made this tie dye tee. In this tutorial I used two different brand dyes. Last year I bought a pistache fabric dye in Germany and this was the first time using it. It wasn't that good as I expected, so I recommend using Dylon dye. First I used half of the bag, but the colour didn't get pigmented. Right after I threw the whole bag in the bottle, but the colour still didn't get really pigmented. Beside that, the small Dylon container was really pigmented! Whatevs.

And by the way, I made three tie dye shirts in total. The first one wasn't that pretty so I made another one (the blue one). These pictures were made when I made the first one, just to let you know :)
Enjoy reading <3