Friday, May 31, 2013


Hey guys!

New DIY yeah! I finally finished school, so that means that I will post more this month (hopefully)! Today I will show you how I made this tie dye tee. In this tutorial I used two different brand dyes. Last year I bought a pistache fabric dye in Germany and this was the first time using it. It wasn't that good as I expected, so I recommend using Dylon dye. First I used half of the bag, but the colour didn't get pigmented. Right after I threw the whole bag in the bottle, but the colour still didn't get really pigmented. Beside that, the small Dylon container was really pigmented! Whatevs.

And by the way, I made three tie dye shirts in total. The first one wasn't that pretty so I made another one (the blue one). These pictures were made when I made the first one, just to let you know :)
Enjoy reading <3

What you'll need:
- T-shirt
- Two colours of fabric dye (recommended: Dylon dye)
- Elastic bands (10 is okay)
- Hot water
- Two empty bottles
- Gloves (recommended)

I used these two colours, pistache and brown. You can use any colour you want! I was too lazy to buy new fabric, so I used these old ones, found somewhere in my room. I think blue and pink goes pretty well!

Since I didn't like the first tie dye I made, I decided to redo it with two other colours, blue and yellow. Yeah, I bought these two colours yesterday. It was really fun to redo it!


Let's start YEAH!
1. Lay your tee on the ground. I recommend doing this outside, also make sure you put something underneath.

2. Find the center of the t-shirt and start twisting.

3. Take some elastic bands and secure it.

4. Now let's prepare the dye! First half boil some water. After that take your two bottles and fill them both half in. Shake it and let it cool down for 1 minute and then throw 1 colour dye the bottle. The other bottle is to damp your t-shirt.

5. Go back to your t-shirt and damp it with water. Wait 1 minute and then throw the dye on the t-shirt! Try to make a star shape.

6. Repeat the same process, but then with the other colour.

7. Let it dry for 1 day. The dye needs its time to soak in the tee. (to be honest, I don't really like how the pistache colour came out, but whatevs).

I also made two others!

8. Rinse it with cold water. Then let it dry again.

9. And now you are done!

Here's how I styled the first tie dye shirt!

I hope you enjoyed it! Please stay tuned for more DIY's soon.
I'm finally done with school so now I got more time for my blog :)
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Please let me know if you want to see more personal stuff on this blog (ootd's, haul etc.)
or just keep this as a DIY-blog.


Thank you for reading <3


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