Thursday, April 21, 2016

Updates & announcements for diywithelli's blog

Hello my friends,

How are you doing? It's been a while since I posted my last blogpost. I have been online and offline for quite a while now and I want to make some things clear now. For this announcement I have some good and bad news for you.

First of all the bad news, I am very sorry to say this, but I am officially quiting my blog, diywithelli. Yes, you're reading that right :(. *R.I.P. diywithelli*. Even though I've had such an amazing experience running this blog and received many sweet and lovely comments from you guys, I still am quiting my blogging life. I don't think that it's a big surprise that I'm quiting this blog, because in the meantime you've probably already suspected that I'm not quite active here on this blog. But the sad point is that I won't be posting anything here anymore.

For the past few months I just didn't really feel like blogging anymore. These past two years I had been super busy and I couldn't just find the motivation and energy to keep this blog alive and create new content here on my blog. I basically lost my passion for blogging throughout the year. And also I lost my balance in my blogging life and my actual life. It's kind of weird to announce this after two years since my last blogpost, but there is just one reason that I'm back here on this blog for the very last time.

The good news is that I will continue my 'internet life' on youtube! Yaaaaay! I'm super excited to announce this!! Sharing my passion for fashion on the internet has always been there for me. I really missed being online on the internet, so now after two years deciding what I want to do with life I came up with a brand new idea! And that is that I want to continue this through youtube!

So I've been brainstorming the last few weeks what I wanted to post on youtube and on what name I want to continue. I couldn't just continue with my old blog name 'diywithelli', because then people would only expect DIY projects on my channel, which isn't a bad idea, but DIY projects takes lots of time, effort and sometimes money. So I came up with this new new called: Clothesnbits! I wanted something easy to remember and something that represents my channel. I mainly want to focus on fashion and styling on my channel. Besides that I also want to post other things such as DIY's or personal things. So I combined 'clothes' and 'bits' together. Yaaay!

Before I will officially quit this blog, I want to say a few more things. First of all, thank you so much for reading and following my blog these past few years. I really appreciate every single comment, follower and reader on my blog. I remembered when I started this blog in 2012 where I started with 0 followers. Till now I created a sort of network that was really big for me (I never received so many lovely comments and followers before). Without you it couldn't happen. So I want to thank you for supporting me. I appreciate every single reader and visitor on my blog <3

So for now, goodbye and hopefully see you there on my new youtube channel.
Let's begin a new journey.



My new youtube channel:

First new video: 'How I Style | Midi Skirts' by clothesnbits

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