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Hey guys,
First of all, thank you so much for following! I reaaaallyyy appreciate it, means so much to me :) And thank you so so much for your lovely comments :)  I will definitely keep posting!
Okay, so let's start. This DIY will be how to ombre-dye your denim jacket. It took me a few hours to make this DIY. It is not difficult to make and it will be a lot cheaper if you make it on your own. The dye that I used is Dylon, in the colour Arabian Night number 16. It cost only €1 and there is more than enough dye for the jacket. What I also used was bleach and salt. I didn't used bleach to get the ombre-effect, because the colour won't flow with the denim, the end result would be probably two colours, half white and halve denim.

- Bleach
- Dye (Dylon)
- Salt
- Denim jacket
- Bucket
- Boiled and cold water
- Stick to mix the dye
- Old clothes to protect you from the dye
- Gloves

Let's start!
1. Take you bucket and fill it in with bleach. Then throw you denim jacket in the bleach and wait till everything is white.

2. Rinse your denim jacket with cold water till it's clean. It doesn't have to be super dry. Just make sure the bleach is set in the jacket, you don't want that bleach drip while you are dyeing your jacket.

3. Now clean the bucket till there is no more bleach in it and fill it in with boiled water (2/5) and (1/5) lukewarm water.

4. Fast throw the salt in it and the dye. Take your stick and mix it untill the dye is even.

5. Take your jacket and dip 3/4 fast in the dye. Then let the jacket 1/2 in the dye for 30 seconds. And last, let the bottom part (1/5) in the dye for 10-20 minutes, it depends on how dark the bottom part you want to be. What I did is, I left it for about 15 minutes. The darker you want, the longer you have to wait. (I also dyed the collar, this is optional)

6. After the waiting, take your jacket out the bucket and place it somewhere to let it dry. Wait about 10 minutes or till the dye is a bit dry.

7. Rinse your jacket with cold water. Rinse till there is no more colour left in the water.

8. Let it naturally dry.

9. And you're done!

Meet: my beautiful sister :)

 Stay tuned for the next DIY!
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and good luck if you are going to try this!

Xoxo Elli


  1. wow that jacket turned out so well!! im impressed, im going to have to try this out someday for myself! :D

    rebecca x

  2. wow it looks amazing girl :D

  3. AMAZING! I might do this myself (:

    1. thank youuu! you should:) it's fun to do x

  4. OM this is cool! same as you did to your DYI ombre short.. =)

  5. Looks awesome *O*
    Seems to be a lot of time u spent on that jacket, :'D but looks great, :D
    did u do this for you or your sister? :'D

    1. Thanks! *O*
      yea, I spent the whole afternoon making this jacket, the waitingpart took me so longggg. the bleaching and dyeing part went pretty fast, it took me only 15 minutes to bleach and 20 minutes to dye :)
      I did it for myself :]

  6. looove this diy, can't wait to try it :)

  7. Dat jasje ziet er super uit! En wat een leuke blog heb je! Je hebt er weer een nieuwe volger bij :)


  8. Leuk leuk leuk! Net zoals heel je blog haha! Het is oprecht een van de leukste blogs die ik tot nu toe tegen ben gekomen, dus ik volg je :)
    xo Vief

  9. good job, cool jacket! your sister is realy nice :)

    best regards from Poland!

  10. hi,

    superleuke blog+diy's heb je!
    neem ook eens een kijkje op mijn blog, ik heb tot nu toe 2 diy's gepost die best veel lijken op die van jou :)

  11. amazing DIY! yours looks professional, i need to try this out x

  12. Your DIY are all so great! :)) HAHA I think I'll try this one next time. Thank you!

  13. you were introduced to me by a friend and he's correct your DIY ITEMS ARE SO AMAZING! I even tried to make my own and believed me you are one of the inspiration why I was motivated to try it! THANKS FOR THAT!

    I hope to see you in my blog

  14. Wow!! i love the outcome.. looks great!! lovin ur DIYs xx

  15. Leuke DIY! Waar heb je de dylon verf gekocht?

    1. Dankje! Je kan dylon verf bij de kruidvat halen. Alleen die kleine bakjes verkopen ze niet meer. Ze verkopen alleen nog deze twee varianten . Ze zijn iets duurder, maar wel goed :)


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