Saturday, June 30, 2012


Hey guys!
It's been a while.. I finally finished my work at school, so that means that I will post more DIY projects for you guys :)
Today I made this galaxy/cosmic shirt with a friend of mine and it went pretty well! I had a lot of fun doing this project and I'm quite happy with the result! It's also a lot cheaper than buying a galaxy shirt in a shop or on the internet. So don't waste your money and make one on your own! It's easy and fun to do, so let's get started! And by the way, if you have any other DIY idea's let me know! Leave a comment below! :)

- Basic black shirt
- Bleach
- Fabric paint (I got mine in ''Silver Transparant'' and ''Cobalt Blue''. You don't have to buy exactly the same colours, it's optional. (purple is also fine))
- Piece of cardboard
- Empty spray bottle
- Old toothbrush
- Small painting brush
- Bucket
- Water
- Cup (to mix the paint)
- Cardboard/thick paper and tape (to cover some places and secure)
- Sponge
- Pencil or wooden skewers

Let's begin!

1. Lay your shirt down on the ground. Take a piece of cardboard and place inside the shirt. Now the bleach won't appear on the back of the shirt.

2. Take two other pieces cardboard or some paper and place it on the sleeves. Then secure it with some tape. I also taped the neckline. This will give you a nice result. (This step is optional, if you want your whole shirt galaxy then go for it)

3. So now we are going to make the galaxy! Take your spray bottle and fill it in with water. Spray a bit water on the shirt to make it wet. This will let the bleach appear better. When you're done with that empty your spray bottle and add the bleach in it. Now think of a galaxy design you want to create. Or you just can spray randomly on the shirt, which I did. It should look something like this:

Meet: Dorana :D

4. Now we are going to add some silver on the shirt. This will give it a detailed galaxy look. Take your toothbrush and dip it in the fabricpaint. Add it around the orange splashes. You can also use a paintbrush.

5. Add some more details and then you're almost done! I created a few orange stripes with a small stick. I also used a tiny bit of blue.

6. Let the shirt dry naturally and then rinse it with water.

7. Let it dry again and you're done! :D

It looks like firework ._.

 Here are some pictures of Dorana's galaxy design :)
It looks more galaxy than mine! I really like hers!

I hope you enjoyed this DIY!
If you have any questions or idea's leave them in the comment section below.

See you soon :)

Xoxo Elli


  1. Wow! This is so helpful. Thanks Elli!

  2. Wauw this is great!! First of all I loveee DIY's and since this galaxy design is such a trend now I love it!
    Gonna try this!

    Jazzy belle

  3. Wauw, love it!


  4. Cheaaaaaah , looks awesome *O*
    Good job, ^______^
    btw , i think i never had seen you with your hairs up.. u know what i mean?XDDD uhm, wait, i look up the word, :D Updo, :D i mean, i had never seen u with an updo :'D but looks niece,;)

    1. Thankssssss<3 Oh yess, I wear it often, but not on pictures:)

  5. This looks great!! Thanks for sharing the tutorial! X

  6. Whoa thats cool!
    check out for your blog award :)

    1. Thank you :DD Oh that's so sweet >w< I really appreciate it :D

  7. aaawesomeee! :O I was looking through my follower list, but I've never ever saw you in there.. but you've got a very nice diy blog! :D

  8. Oh my gosh, this is absolutely incredible! I would never have guessed that you DIY'd it! Thank you so much for sharing your tips with us, I can definitely see me trying this out in the future!


  9. your post is really great! exactly what I need~ keep posting dear :)
    thx for following, I'm following you too now. Your blog is just too amazing!

  10. followed you - you follow back ? :>

  11. Ik heb het ook al eens geprobeerd met een sponsje :) zag er wel niet zo galaxy achtig uit als bij jou!

  12. If you want watch my "DIY moustache galaxy t shirt" tutorial on Youtube:
    I will be very happy <3

  13. wow,you are great,it looks very cool.i also like the t shirt.

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  15. Great idea! My daughter has been wanting to make her own casual tops for women.

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