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Hello there,
I felt like making a video, so I made one. I decided to do the 'get to know me tag'. The questions are here in this post.

And by the way, I will still post DIY's here on my blog, since this blog was actually only meant for DIY's. I've been posting quite a lot personal stuff over here, I'm sorry hehe.

As you might know me, I'm addicted to youtube. I'm always on youtube and I like watching other people's videos. I've wanted to join the youtube community for many years and now I finally pushed myself to join it. And by 'joining the youtube community' I mean like having my own youtube channel and making videos about, for example, fashion or other related things. Just like these youtubers: clothesencounters, claire marshall, zoella etc.

The main reason why I didn't start it earlier was because of all the negativity on youtube, such as haters and dislikes. I was kinda scared to get hated, but now I don't really care anymore. In the end it's all about the fun and doing what I like to do. Okay so, I kinda see it like this way: The most important thing is to enjoy your life - to be happy - it's all that matters. Life goes way too fast to care about all the negative things. You should be happy with what you got, spend it wisely and enjoy that little time.

So, again I love youtube and I also love video editing and I thought this was a great opportunity to gain some experience. Also, I'd probably get only 10 views or something, but.. well.. I guess I have to start somewhere.. and some how, I'm already happy when I get 10 views. The beginning is always the hardest part. The same way as I started this blog, I was afraid that no one would ever read/follow/know my blog. But luckily, there were a few people who followed me and commented on my blog. This really encouraged me to keep blogging. I got motivated by all these lovely comments on my blog and so I kept doing what I really love to do, making DIY's, photograph it, edit it and share them with the internet. I was already amazed by the fact that I had 10 followers. And now I got like 400+, so you can't tell how happy and blessed I feel right now. I still have to believe that number.
I love you guys <3

So all in all (this is a message for my lovely followers & bloggers), keep doing what you like. Keep motivating yourself and don't ever stop doing what you love to do. The only person who can stop you is yourself.
(It sounds so cheesy, but it's so true!)

Okay, so now let's move on to the questions and of course the video.

Here are the questions:
1. How do you pronounce your username ?
2. How old are you ?
3. What Nationality are you ?
4. What grade are you in ?
5. Do you have a job ?
6. What is your eye color ?
7. What is your natural hair color ?
8. What type of skin do you have ?
9. Do you have freckles ?
10. Do you / Did you have braces ?
11. Whats your favorite perfume to wear ?
12. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning ?
13. Whats you favorite color ?
14. Heels or Flats ?
15. Gold or Silver ?
16. Do you have a boyfriend ?
17. Do you have siblings ?
18. Do you have pets ?
19. Have you ever been out of the Country ?
20. What is something that makes you nervous ?

I hope that wasn't too boring xD

Let me know if you are planning to do this tag, whether it's a video or written down in a blogpost. It doesn't matter :)
I tag all of you guys!

And some of my lovely followers (thank you for the sweet comments<3, here's a little thank you):

Calista Xan >
Nhi >
Mymychen >
Confessions Of Nowhere Girl >
She's not Juliet >
l0vepirate >
Leisurely Sensitive >
4Seasons92 >
Hanh Le Fashion >
Classe Peach >
Fashionosaur >
Dilan Dilir >

and just every other follower <3

Also, feel free to share your youtube channel link in the comments! I'd love to see your videos.

Also, subscribe to my youtube channel if you'd like to see more videos.

Have a nice day guys <3


  1. aah, je moet niet bang zijn! Meestal zijn er pas mensen die er gaan haten wanneer heel veel subbies hebt! Gewoon meer filmpjes gaan maken! en dankjewel voor het taggen! mijn yt channel is tsejackiee en ik heb je gesubbed :)! En het was niet saai hoor!

    1. Ja inderdaad, hehe. Ik heb je ook gesubbed ^^
      Okay, dankjewel :D (het is wel een beetje awkward dat filmpje lol)


  2. hi i like you blog !

    would you like to follow each other via GFC?
    do reply at my blog as so i can follow up

    thank you :)

  3. hihi, that was a really cute video! thank you for tagging me Elli ! I will do this tag when I have time on my blogging schedule, hihi :3 love your hair gurl! I just got fringe too! :3

    1. Thank you Nhi hehe, I don't force you to do this tag, only if you want to ;)!
      Ahw, that's so cool!


  4. omg It's so cute you tagged me!!! *^* I will try to post it up this weekend when I've got enough time :3 You look so so soooo adorable *-* <3 I love your hair color and fringe! How did you dye it that light? :o

    1. Aah thank you :)!<3 I always dye my hair with loreal preference 8.0, my hair gets really light, and it's also because of the sun I think :D I never bleached my whole hair and I also don't recommend that :)

  5. Thanks for following me! I followed you back :) I look forward to reading your log

  6. i really like your blog and your DIYs :)

  7. I truly admire you DIY skills! I totally adore your work with Nhi's blog:) Once my blog starts picking up its pace, I would love to have you design my blog's layout too!:)

    Follow? Check!
    Please do check out my blog at alright:)

  8. You are so sweet! Thank you so much for the tag. I agree, it is hard to get started on something new, especially YouTube when you put yourself out there publicly. I can definitely relate because I just started a YouTube account not too long ago, and I agree, it's about loving what you do and not caring about what other's think. There will be negative people, but the encouraging one's will always keep you motivated. Such a great post, dear. Keep going with your wonderful posts and videos. :)

  9. great video:)
    please visit my blog and my Instagram:)

  10. These are always so great to get to know the blogger better. :)
    Love it!
    Take care and keep in touch

  11. You are the cutest, Elli! keep making videos!!

  12. Nice blog!


  13. D'aww you're just too cute in the video and I love your smile! <3 Watching it makes me want to poke your cheek all the time, haha. xD Keep it up with the videos. ;D

    Also, thanks for tagging me. I usually don't share awards or tags on my blog so I'll just answer to the questions right here:

    1. Just as you read it: lovepirate.
    2. I'm 24.
    3. German.
    4. Oh, I left grades behind some years ago. xD But I have an high-school diploma.
    5. Sure, I have a job. I work as a secretary, you could say. xD It's not exactly correct but similar to it.
    6. It's a mixture of green, gray, blue and brown. lol o_o
    7. My natural hair color is some ashy blond.
    8. Ah, I really don't know. :S It's not dry and it isn't oily as well. Just normal, I think?
    9. Oh yeah, I have freckles. xD But only on my face.
    10. No, I never had braces.
    11. That's a difficult question. I have a lot of favourite perfumes. Currently it's omnia coral by Bvlgari, I think.
    12. Oh my, this totally depends. xD Varies between 15 to 45 minutes without breakfast. I'm really not a morning person.
    13. My favourite color is blue. ^^
    14. Depends ... but mostly flats.
    15. Nargh, dunno. I like both silver and gold. xD
    16. No, I'm currently single.
    17. No, I'm an only child.
    18. You've already seen it on my last entry, it's a snake. :)
    19. Hell yes, I've been to Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Greece, Austria, Japan, Malaysia and Singapore before.
    20. Speaking in front of many people makes me nervous, for example. xD

    Well, I hope you enjoyed reading my answers. xD

  14. oh elli, thx for tagging me, you're so cute :) i'll make a post asap. love your blog <3

  15. Hi there :) I just found your blog today and I have to say, you're so gorgeous!!! I'm so jelly >.<
    Also, I'm not really into heels just like you and all my friends think I'm weird :I
    So...yeah. Haha have a nice day!


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