Sunday, August 11, 2013


Hi there!
So, I've been shopping a lot lately and I thought I'd share some stuff with you guys. I was thinking to do a collective haul, but since I bought so many stuff lately I thought that I'd only share my recently purchase. So, yesterday I went to Primark with a good friend of my (Xandra) and it was a really fun day. I didn't buy a lot of stuff, but whatever!

I was also thinking of making a video of this haul, but I was too shy to talk on the camera.. lol. It feels so uncomfortable and awkward at the same time, however I really want to start posting videos on youtube. Please let me know in the comments what you prefer, videos or just photo's for my haul-series! :)

Let's start off with Primark!
Cropped top with a turtle neck, €6 || PRIMARK
So the first piece that I bought was this really cute cropped top. It's polka dotted and has a turtle neck. This is my first ever turtle neck purchase and I am so happy with it. I was looking for this for a few months now and I finally found the perfect one!

Light pastel pink jumper, €14 || PRIMARK
The second item that I bought was this really pretty light pink jumper. The quality is quite good and it has some really nice details on the front. This is such a perfect jumper! It would look really nice with some cute tights or velvet leggings.

Golden leaf bracelet, €3 || PRIMARK
I've been searching for this sort of bracelets for many years now. This golden leaf bracelet is such a nice item to spice up your outfit and make it really elegant. It suits with almost every outfit and it was only 3 euros :D!

Oversized woolen cardigan, SALE €15 || H&M

So I've been wearing this cardigan nonstop since I bought it. I just love oversized cardigans. The material is super thick and it's really comfortable. This piece is perfect for the fall and winter seasons, but also really nice for like a summer night out or just any type of weather when it's getting colder. It's such a statement piece and I'm so happy with it. This was the last one in the sale section and it's size 40. I usually have size 34 or 36, but I always buy my clothes in bigger sizes. I just love the oversized fit.
Oh, and the original price of this cardigan was like €40 I guess. And I got it for only €15! I'm so sosososo happy with this :D

Floral skirt, SALE €3,99 || BERSHKA

I usually don't wear skirts, but I thought this one was really cute and would look really nice with an oversized blouse and some cute shoes. When I saw this skirt, it reminded me of 2NE1's Falling in Love MV. If you don't know what that is, it's a song from this amazing band 2NE1 (I'm a diehard fan, THEY ARE AMAZING, NO WORDS<3).
Okay, so about the skirt.. the original price was €7,99 and I got it for €4. It has an elastic band inside the skirt and the material is really comfortable.

Leopard backpack, $15 + free shipping || EBAY
So if you know me in real life, you'd probably already know that I'm obsessed with eBay. I purchase almost every month at least three items on eBay and I also spend a lot of time on the website. I'm such a weirdo.
So this backpack arrived a few days ago and I'm quite happy with it. However, I was thinking to sell it to someone else since I already got so many backpacks. I don't know if I should keep it or sell it. The backpack is really big and the quality is nice.

So we made it to the end of my haul guys. I hope you liked it.
I was also planning to post a new DIY soon, but I kinda failed with that. I wanted to make an ankle skirt, but it didn't turn out as I wanted to. So, I'm sorry about that. Do you have any ideas for a DIY that I can make?

Also, should I start making videos for my blog?
Please share your thoughts with me in the comments down below.

Have a nice day <3


  1. love backpack!!

    check my blog

  2. I love the firt t-shirt!! :)

  3. The skirt is really pretty, I like the print! <3 And the light pink jumper is also great!
    I love 2NE1!! They are so good (: I'm in love with K-Pop :D

  4. That skirt is too cute for words!

  5. Omg die cardi! Hij is echt zo leuk zeg, 2ne1 is leuk ik ben niet echt een fan maar ik vind ze de leukste girlband in kpop wereld :b. Ik ben namelijk meer fan van Big Bang n__n. Misschien moet je een keer een 'ebay finds' post maken of zo je rugzak is namelijk echt heel gaaf! Trouwens je rokje ook, eigenlijk alles wel :b

  6. Omg, I love your style, gurrrl. ^_- All the items you bought are amazing! <3
    Haha, don't worry. I also spend a shitload of time on eBay and buy nearly every kind of stuff from it. xD I think that's not thaaat weird. lol
    That backpack is so cute, if you really want to sell it, I'd buy it. xD But if I were you I would keep it, though.
    And I prefer pictures over videos. I think videos always take kind of an amount of time to watch (and film) them. And pictures are way more beautiful in my opinion. <3

  7. aaw so many cool things! i love the backpack and i'm also an ebay freak haha

  8. That cardigan is a bargain! Wish they had that in H&M near me :(

  9. That cardigan is so beautiful!

  10. I love the light pink sweater you bought! I have a primark near me but I've never noticed that sweater there ;o; I might look for this one on my next shopping trip there :D The flowery skirt is super cute too *^* It does really remind me of the 2NE1 MV :o !! And don't worry about being a weirdo! I LOVE EBAY SO MUCH TOO~! I'm there like everday and I always wanna buy things but my mum won't allow me to buy a lot there so I'm just there dreaming about stuff I will buy when I'm 18 LOL
    And about the Youtube videos, please make videos!!! It would be super cool to see you on a video ^~^* I really hope you will do a few DIY videos or haul videos~! c:
    Thanks for sharing your haul. You seriously made me jelly while looking at this post qq

  11. Love the items you bought! I prefer photos but I would say go for trying you tube as its so popular, xoxo.

  12. Cute purchases! The skirt is fabulous!!

  13. I love the backpack <3I wish they had primark in the us!!

  14. You and I are exactly alike, except I admit to making way more ebay purchases than you! You bought some great items and I really love your blog. Please check out my blog if you ever get the chance! :)


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