Saturday, June 22, 2013


Hello there,
I added something new on my wall today, so that means a new Roomspiration post :)
Today I will show you how I decorated my wall with some photo's!

What you'll need:
- Thin rope
- Small clothespins
- Photo's
- Drilling machine and nails

For decoration:
- Fake flowers
- Quotes
- Or just anything you would like to hang on your wall (you don't necessarily have to buy decoration, you can also search in your room for some random stuff, maybe you'll find something suitable! just be creative!)

Look at these cute clothespins! These were gifted by my best friend, she bought it in Vietnam.
I love 2NE1 :) If you've never heard of it then click here! <3333


Let's get started!
1. So before you're going to use a drilling machine, you should first make a sketch of how you want to position the photo's. Then measure the points of the nails and use the drilling machine. You should ask your dad or someone else for this step! Thanks dad for helping me :) 

2. When the nails are set, it's time to measure how long your rope should be and then place it around the nails.

3. Now it's time to decorate, yay! It's totally up to you how you'd like it of course!

My handwriting is so bad.

I hope that you've got some inspiration out of this now and also that you liked it.
If you are going to decorate your room let me know!
I'd love to see some pictures of it ^^

Stay tuned for more Roomspirations!
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  1. Beautiful room! *^*
    I love 2ne1 too!! ** <3

  2. Dat ziet er zo leuk uit zeg! En awesome die 2ne1 pins!

  3. so sweet!shall we follow?

  4. I really like the idea and your rooms looks so great!

    SHE WALKS Blog

  5. This is a cute idea, thanks for that ^___^

  6. Oooh love this idea; time to get creative lol
    thanks for the lovely comment on my blog and yes I have followed ya,
    will love it if you can return the follow xxxAfeeyahxxx

  7. wow great ideas!!

  8. Oh dear, I LOVE the arrow-message. Thank you SO SO much, I really needed an input like that =)


  9. awesome job

  10. I love this simplistic ideal!

  11. <- Indonesian great. Check Please.

  12. Really loving your posts here dear, wish I have my own room to decorate too! hmm :)
    I followed you on gfc, catch me too on Smize with Style.

  13. Thanks for the cute idea :D love your blog an all your posts ^_^ followed you!


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