Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Hey there,
Welcome back on my blog. It's been a while since I posted a new DIY for you guys. Today I will show you how to make a turban headband or tulband whatever headband. For this DIY I'm using a gold/mustard yellow velvet fabric and it's just a really nice color. The fabric is also stretchable so that's perfect. The fabric was like 2 euro's for 1 meter, so that's really cheap!

Anyway, let's just start the DIY. Enjoy.

Watch the video here or continue reading.

What you'll need:
- Fabric (stretchable)
- Scissors
- Sewing machine or superglue

Let's begin
1. Lay down the fabric horizontally and measure the width of the tulband headband. I used around 18 centimeters (7,1 inches). Mark it down and turn the fabric vertically and cut it.

2. Fold it together (with the velvet inside) and sew the ends.

3. Now fold the fabric inside out and start measuring your head. I don't have any photo of this step, but what you basically have to do is wrap the fabric around your head starting from the back of your head, twist it twice and place it back to the back of your head. Then you'll see how many left overs you will have. This part we're going to cut.

4. Once you've got the right measurement you have to sew both ends together. You'll get a circle and that's exactly how it should be. Then twist it twice and place the two ends together. And then you're basically done. You can also add a piece of fabric over the knot (watch the video to see how I sew the piece of fabric around the knot)

5. And now you're done!

I hope you enjoyed this quick DIY. Stay tuned for more.

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Thank you for reading my blog and support <3

Have a nice day,


  1. Great idea, thanks for sharing!

    1. thank you!! and thank you for reading ^^

  2. Loving the color of your turban!! Thanks for sharing<3

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  4. I am definitely going to try this, I am new to blogger and I am not sure what I do to follow you, I will click a few buttons and hope that works haha.

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